Sunday, August 7, 2011


Wow!  I am just amazed at what money can buy as I read up about the dangers of aspartame (commonly known as Nutrasweet + Equal).  Wouldn't you know, our 'friends' Monsanto are the owners of this gem.  Aspartame was found by accident and is comprised of 3 chemicals - aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol.  In 1971, a neuroscientist and researcher informed the original owners of aspartame that aspartic acid actually causes holes in the brains of mice.  Yep, and that is going into some of the foods/drinks we have all consumed at one time or another.

I remember my mother drinking diet soda when I was younger and I would always ask for some.  I eventually stopped asking because it would always give me headaches.  Can you believe there are 90 documented symptoms caused by consumption of aspartame - 90!!  Some include headaches/migraines, dizziness, nausea, numbness, fatigue, irritability, rashes, depression, anxiety attacks, seizures and memory loss.  It doesn't stop there - not only does it cause these symptoms, there are many illnesses that are caused or made worse by consuming aspartame.  Some include alzheimer's, birth defects, brain tumors, diabetes, epilepsy, lymphoma and parkinson's disease.

The moral to this story is stay away from aspartame!!!  It is extremely important for infants, children and pregnant woman to absolutely not ingest aspartame.  Please take some time, if you are still not convinced, to go to :   and read about the dangers of aspartame.  I would suggest that once you see the word Monsanto connected to anything you run in the opposite direction!

List of the Top Ten Food Additives to Avoid

I watched a webinar from Shaklee and this was the list of the top ten food additives to avoid.  The order is alphabetical, it's overwhelming to think of taking these all out of your diet at once if you are just starting out.  But try to take one thing out at a time.  I will do future posts on why it's important to keep these out of your diet.  Many cause uncomfortable side effects including headaches/migraines, depression and even cancer.  Some have bans or were previously banned but because of big money and lobbying, they are still in circulation in the US.

1.  Aspartame
3.  Blue #1, Blue #2
4.  BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil)
5.  Citrus Red #2
6.  MSG + Quinone
7.  Red #3, Red #40
8.  Saccharin
9.  Sodium Nitrate
10.  Yellow #6

Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I've heard, in passing, before that gelatin was made of pigs hooves.  I think that it sounded so outrageous that I just let it slide.  Well, I'm reading 'Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies' and somehow seeing it written down, I want to gag.  Apparently it's actually made from extended boiling of skins, bones and cartilage (including hooves) from animals .  I'm not a vegetarian, and don't believe I ever will be one, but that just sounds wrong.  Pieces of animals that have been mis-bred and mis-fed are being ground down, treated with acid,etc and then turned into gelatin that we eat in everyday foods.  I have never been a Jello fan, it's texture just never suited me, and thank goodness! Although I do love me some s'mores.   Good news is there is vegetarian forms of gelatin available.  But you should count on gelatin being from animal byproducts, if it's something processed, being bought off a normal grocery shelf and not being labeled vegetarian.  I guess I'll have to search out for marshmallows minus the nasties.

Friday, June 24, 2011


There has been much debating with the subject of High Fructose Corn Syrup (hfcs).  Is it worse for you than sugar or the same as sugar?  Let's start off by saying sugar is not good for you in any form.   And of course, that's why it's in everything.  Well, sugar used to be in everything, but it was replaced with hfcs to save on cost.  Experts say that hfcs in moderation is fine.  So tell me, how can you eat it in moderation when it is in almost everything from bread, canned fruit to salad dressing.

I often think of where my food originates.  High fructose corn syrup is derived from, most likely, GMO corn.  GMO....what's that you ask....GMO is a genetically modified organism.  Seeds that have been genetically altered to do that which is not natural.  It is created in a lab and mutated to do what the scientists want.  From there it goes through many processes to come out with a sweetener that is chemically equivalent to sugar.

Supporters of hfcs will use the argument about the chemical equivalency until they are blue in the face.  What about how others argue that it is addictive, like many (many) other chemicals that are put in our foods.  That it contributes to type 2 diabetes.  Or that it is originated from corn, not sugar cane, but corn.  Corn that has been altered, processed, and treated with chemicals.

I started looking at labels when I was pregnant with my first child and found out I had gestational diabetes.  Taking out high fructose corn syrup was one of the things the nutritionist suggested.  That is when I noticed it was in everything.  Five years later and hfcs is one thing that I've been able to almost completely take out of my diet.  Be careful, they are pretty sneaky about it, it will sometimes be called corn sugar.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

GMO or GE foods

GMO (genetically modified organisms) or GE (genetically engineered) foods are all over the market today.  Food that has been genetically altered to do that which does not occur naturally created in a laboratory.  There is no way to tell when you are eating something genetically modified aside from the obvious, like a Grapple. In some other countries, they need to put a warning on the label because they have not been proven safe.  But the powers that be in America do not think that is necessary because they haven't been 'proven' harmful.  Meaning the people that can afford to make studies on the products are the ones making money off of it.  Therefore they would never fund something that could take away money from their money bags.  Monsanto, the front runner in GMO seed production had made a statement before that putting a GMO label on a product is equal to putting a skull and crossbone on the product.  If you don't believe me, google it.

I fully believe in nature.  Nature produces beautiful food for us to eat.  One of God's many gifts to man.  Unfortunately, man has become greedy and nothing is more important than lining your pockets with money.  I know I've read that GMO products do not produce seeds that can be planted to make more crops for the next year.  Doesn't that seem odd?  We have become a fast food nation, wanting food fast and cheap, so I'm sure they (GMO creators) think they are doing us a favor.  They are giving us what we want, as opposed to what we need.  As a country our health has been declining and I wouldn't be surprised if the same people who are benefiting from GMO are also benefiting from our ailments.

Corn and soybeans are the highest producing GMO products.  Did you know that allergies to corn and soybeans are becoming more common?  Look at your ingredient lists next time you go food shopping, there is corn and soy in almost everything (most likely GMOs).  Our bodies don't like all these simulated products, no matter how cheap it might be.  I encourage you to read up on these products and make an informed, logical decision on these products that are lining your shelves.  Really think about it.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop here, I don't want to overwhelm you too much.

I want to make a little side note that it is hard to change your eating lifestyle overnight.  I have been doing research and taking things out of my diet slowly for the past 5 years and I'm still working on it.  Baby steps

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've been sitting on this blog address for a few months and hadn't yet figured out what to use it for.  I was originally going to start up my own photography business and use this to showcase photos.  I've come to an understanding with myself, that right now is not that time.  My children need me and this is one of the reasons I'm so passionate about what we eat.

Education is so important.  One thing that we are not properly educated on is our diet.  We know we aren't supposed to eat certain things, buy WHY aren't we supposed to eat them.  I'm going to do my best to research this and share what I've learned.  It might shed some light on why we, as a nation, are so unhealthy.  And hopefully it will spark some 'passion' to seriously change your eating habits.  For those of you who are spiritual and believe your body is a temple, some food most definitely should be considered as a hazard to your temple.