Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I've heard, in passing, before that gelatin was made of pigs hooves.  I think that it sounded so outrageous that I just let it slide.  Well, I'm reading 'Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies' and somehow seeing it written down, I want to gag.  Apparently it's actually made from extended boiling of skins, bones and cartilage (including hooves) from animals .  I'm not a vegetarian, and don't believe I ever will be one, but that just sounds wrong.  Pieces of animals that have been mis-bred and mis-fed are being ground down, treated with acid,etc and then turned into gelatin that we eat in everyday foods.  I have never been a Jello fan, it's texture just never suited me, and thank goodness! Although I do love me some s'mores.   Good news is there is vegetarian forms of gelatin available.  But you should count on gelatin being from animal byproducts, if it's something processed, being bought off a normal grocery shelf and not being labeled vegetarian.  I guess I'll have to search out for marshmallows minus the nasties.

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