Sunday, August 7, 2011

List of the Top Ten Food Additives to Avoid

I watched a webinar from Shaklee and this was the list of the top ten food additives to avoid.  The order is alphabetical, it's overwhelming to think of taking these all out of your diet at once if you are just starting out.  But try to take one thing out at a time.  I will do future posts on why it's important to keep these out of your diet.  Many cause uncomfortable side effects including headaches/migraines, depression and even cancer.  Some have bans or were previously banned but because of big money and lobbying, they are still in circulation in the US.

1.  Aspartame
3.  Blue #1, Blue #2
4.  BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil)
5.  Citrus Red #2
6.  MSG + Quinone
7.  Red #3, Red #40
8.  Saccharin
9.  Sodium Nitrate
10.  Yellow #6

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