Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A brand new year, what a great time to start learning about the food you are eating.  I started learning last year, made changes in our food choices and as a resolution (our first one ever) we have decided to go dairy-free and meat-free in 2012.  We will still be eating organic eggs for some animal protein, but have decided the cons outweigh the pros in eating meat and dairy.   It would probably be different if we had our own farm with our own milking cows and Steve was out hunting for our food.  But the reality is that our supposed farm fresh food is not coming from the farm that we picture in our head.  The whole process has become exactly that, a whole bunch of processes and we aren't receiving a God given natural product on our plates anymore.  Whomever said that "Ignorance is Bliss" was an idiot, because ignorance has caused obesity, addiction, denial, laziness, disease and so much more when it comes to food.  Wish us luck.....I also am giving up chocolate,  it hasn't been 24 hours and I'm getting the shakes!

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