Monday, July 22, 2013

Farmer's Markets

One of our favorite summer past times is frequenting local farmer's markets.  My son asks every few days to go to one.  Luckily we live near lots of farmers and farmer's markets.

It's fun to meet new furry friends

At the Woodstock Farmer's Market there may even be an amazing balloon animal maker.

We come back with veggies that Bugs Bunny would like to it.

We make friends with the vendors and learn new things

We even get a Beautiful CSA from Trogg's Hollow.  

We get lots of greens to make beautiful salads

And at the Elgin Harvest Market a bread booth by the name of Katic has the most delicious bread selection.  European breads that are too die for!  I always get a baguette and a chocolate croissant.  And sometimes I get this herb foccacia, delicious and full of flavor

This is an awesome red pepper infused honey that we bought from a vendor at the Elgin Harvest Market.  De-Licious

From our CSA, my kids love eating these peapods

More yummy salad that is pleasing to look at

This is a delicious salad recipe from Trogg's Hollow.  Napa Coleslaw with Dill, made with their napa cabbage.  Click on the recipe name for the recipe

We've been able to make homemade dill pickles

Roasted veggies

And here is some roasted veggies on herb focaccia (from Katic) and the napa coleslaw.  

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