Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick and Easy - Pesto, Asparagus and Sundried Tomatoes Pasta Meal

I made this really delicious dish last night.  It was so quick and easy.  I saw a picture of it on pinterest and had to try it out.  Here is the link for the Pesto Pasta Pinterest Recipe.  I didn't open up the link until now, because on pinterest it showed some steps of the ingredients.  In that recipe they add some mozzarella and serve with an egg on top.

Here's how I made it....

Pesto Asparagus and Sundried Tomatoes Quick Pasta Meal

1x 16oz rice shell pasta
1 pack tj's frozen asparagus
1 jar tj's sundried tomatoes packed in oil
about 1/2 cup pesto (I had some pre made in my freezer)
1/2 - 1 cup almond milk
Salt to taste

Cook pasta per package directions.  While pasta is cooking, steam the asparagus.  Drain pasta, while draining add pesto, milk, asparagus and tomatoes to empty pasta pan.  Have it on a low heat and mix till warm throughout.  Add pasta, mix, salt and serve.  Super delicious and super easy!  The kids loved it too.

A pic of the tomatoes....just because.

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