Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thrive Life!!

I have been through quite an interesting few years.  Actually more like a decade.  Quite a journey of health. I have always suffered from some kind of stomach problem.  But I started trying to find out what was going on when I found out I had gestational diabetes (the doctor suspected it at my first ob appointment) when I was pregnant with my first child.  Imagine having to drink that horrible drink in your first trimester, when you were already as sick as a dog?  I remember the tech telling me if I throw it up, we would have to start all over again.  So I held that crap down and then spewed all over the parking lot when we left.

 I found out that I failed the test miserably.

That threw a wrench into my otherwise blissful relationship with food.  I loved (love) food.  How could it betray me so?  Potatoes....why?  Fruit...why?  Bread...WHY are you doing this to me???  Wait...dairy...what?!  You too?!  What the heck!!  What do I EAT?!!

I started researching like crazy and continued for years.  We had another child and I was still sick.  I needed to make sure that my children were fed right and they didn't suffer like I have.  Finding out about what is in your food and finding out what certain foods do to your body can drive a person insane.  Some of it is downright despicable.  But there seemed to be many things that sounded like it could help me.

I tried so many different lifestyle changes concerning diet.  I wonder why people seem skeptical of anything out of the current social 'norm'?   If you are a skeptic about gluten free/vegan/dairy free (or any other 'crazy diet'), just be grateful that you do not have a reason to search out a way to keep you from feeling like crap every time you put food into your body.

We went vegan for a year.  This wasn't hard for me.  I love Veggies!  I felt great for awhile...and then I didn't.  I was eating very healthy.  We didn't eat the highly processed vegan crap, we ate a delicious, nutritious vegan diet. No nausea was probably the best part of it (besides actually loving the food).  Although I tried to do my best to get all my vitamins, I still fell into a horrid case of adrenal fatigue.  It took me a while to realize it might be the lack of meat.  My body with all it's crazy hormonal issues,  blood type, genetics or whatever, needs meat.  We thought is was funny that dainty me needed meat in the end, but my manly husband did just great with the vegan diet.

I won't bore you with the whole journey.  Lots of it includes me laying on the couch without energy.  Oh and occasional doctor's visits that don't help at all (those started when I was 16).  I pretty much gave up.

 And then I found a doctor that actually helped.  Finally!  When I was in my 30s.  That's a long time to suffer.  She was holistic and did some hokey stuff.  I LOVED IT!  Healing through energy and acupuncture was heavenly.  Truly a spiritual experience.  Also finding out my gallbladder was ailing was a big help.  She jump started my system and I started healing.  We have moved away from the doctor, which was very sad for me.  But she gave me a strong base to continue healing on my own.

So I have a weird conclusion.  My journey has led me to selling Thrive Life products.  Ha!  I told you it was weird.

Because of all my food contentions, it was hard for me to cook or even think about food.  When I did feel well enough to cook, I would go grocery shopping and buy all this wonderful food.....and then it would go bad.  Because inevitably I would lose that energy.  We ended up wasting so much money between rotten food and eating out.

Now I spend more money on Thrive Life freeze dried foods, less on eating out and less on buying groceries I won't use.  I realize that not everyone has the energy issues that I have, but Thrive Life is delicious freeze dried food and therefore would be great for you too!

Real quick - Thrive life is freeze dried food, picked at peek ripeness, then freeze dried to lock in nutrients and flavor.  The shelf life is amazing!!

My website it

Check it out!!  This is a great time to check it out too because they are having a great March Madness Sale on March 17th-21st, 2016.  While most things are 20%-40% off there are a few items that are actually 50% off!!  

This is the perfect time to try it out!  

You can see the flyer on my facebook page Effortless Foods

I'm so lucky to be a part of this family!  While I didn't write about our whole food journey, they have been supportive the whole time!  They eat whatever I give them and thank me for making them their food.  

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