Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Thrive Specials

Hey everyone!  Can you believe June is almost over?  Make sure to catch the June sale items before the end of the month at  One of my favorites is the ground beef.  I love making soup with it.  It's super easy to just scoop it out and refresh in some stock.  They are like tiny little meatballs of deliciousness.  And the Q special, that is available to all Q members, is the especially delicious Fuji Apple Slices.  Enjoy the rest of your June!

I started a motivational group on Facebook called Get It Together.  I wanted to share my first post.

Daily Affirmation: Start your day off with a big dose of "I believe in myself". Write it down and say it daily. In the grand scheme of things, how You feel about yourself makes all the difference. If you believe in yourself, negative words or actions by others -towards you - will not cause you to derail from your path of happiness (as much). It may sting a little, but if you believe in yourself, you'll be able to get back up, dust the dirt off and continue your journey. You've heard it before - Haters gonna Hate 😆- and that's the truth, but that's not your problem unless you make it your problem. So whenever you are feeling a shaky about your dreams reaffirm to yourself "I Believe in Myself". I believe in you!  💜~ Erin

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