Thursday, July 6, 2017

July Specials

July is here!'s been here for a few days.  What tipped me off was all the fireworks.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July.  There are some great specials this month (ok - so I say that every month.  I just love Thrive!).  My favorite picks would have to be the pineapple (which is new And improved!), asparagus, and the butternut squash.  There are also 2 meats on sale!  I have plenty of meat right now, but this is the time to stock up.....when they are on sale.  Also Thrive has introduced a new product this month - Shredded Beef!  I love shredded beef and now that I can get it through Thrive, it will save me so much time.  Meal planning just got easier because I won't have to defrost a roast and cook it all day!  Check out all the wonderful products Thrive has to offer at  Oh and FYI - Consultants and Q members can order the shredded beef today.  Otherwise it is available on July 10.  Become a consultant or a Q member today for first dibs on goodies throughout the year!  At the end of the post I also added a video of a great deal from Beach Body.  I love Beach Body On Demand and you'll get it for a full year (on top of other goodies - like a one month supply of Shakeology) when you purchase a challenge pack right now!  You can sign up at  Have a great July!

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